【3min Contents】Why is Michael Jackson so cool? Explain the charm of dance and pause with animation and images.


Hello, this is Fujiki (@ gallery_fj).

This time, I will introduce about Michael Jackson’s dance for beginners.

What is cool about Michael’s dance?

What kind of video should I watch at first?

I want to see dance, but I do not know the song title so I can not find a movie ….

I would like people like that to read this article!

I tried putting Michael’s dance charm into four keywords.

  1. Decision pose
  2. Crowd
  3. Lightness
  4. Tiptoe

With these keywords as a foothold, we will approach Michael’s dance charm!

1.Decision pose

Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal fusion comics

First, the first keyword is “decision pose”.

Speaking of the posing pose, as the name suggests, “It’s cool here! This pose is coolest, is not it!” It’s a pose.

Normally, accumulate up to the best posing pose and collect it … Here! It is a thing to take a pose when saying.

… Anything, Michael’s dance has a lot of poses decided anyway!

  • Pose to raise your right hand
  • to raise both hands
  • to hit your hands between your crotch

Every time I ride these poses to the rhythm, it will be fine anyway. I’ll make you feel fine.

Especially, one minute at the beginning of Bad is full of determined poses.

Michael Jackson – Bad (Shortened Version)

Feel so shabby….

The composition of Michael’s dance is a composition of dance like taking a pose which decided according to each rhythm and connecting it by looking carefully often.

It is said that “Michael’s dance is cool”, but this is a decided pose and it does not make the viewer get bored.

2.Crowd-So perfect moving-



The second keyword is “group dance”

Michael’s dance is anyhow beautiful.

The beauty of Michael’s dance is well understood, it was Dangerous, which was performed at “MTV Video Music Awards” in 1995.

Seeing is believing, let’s see it at once.


If you think that Michael and the back dancer were dancing apart, they suddenly come together at one time, and at one time the choreography changes so that only Michael stands out.

I think that Michael ‘s crowd is beautiful soon … but the beautiful reason is because there are times when Michael and the back dancer’ s choreography are not matched.

Michael and the back dancer are doing different dances, and the moment when they are connected is very pleasant.

And when you gathered, the movements are perfectly complete without any disturbance.

For these two reasons, Michael’s club is beautiful.



LOS ANGELES, CA:  Michael Jackson performs during the "Bad" Tour at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena on January 1989 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)


Michael’s dance is light. Anyway it is light.

What I mean is that you do not forcibly move the muscles but use the whole body spring and dance.

This is a well understood dance, this is also Dangerous.


From 1:43, I will enter a scene that is dancing exactly the same choreography dance with four back dancers.

In this part, I want you to compare the dances of Michael and back dancers.

how is it?

Did not Michael’s dance feel “light”?

Compared to moving the arm from one position to a certain position, the back dancer is moving with all the muscles of the arm, Michael brings his arm with just the initial momentum of arm movement.

This is why Michael ‘s dance is’ light’.

It is this “lightness” that is found everywhere in other dances, but I think that this also leads to “splendor”.

If you move your muscles with consciousness of the whole body, you get somewhat awkward.





The fourth keyword is “tiptoe”.

Well this is not to say strange.

There are many people who remember only that tiptoe even if Michael is not well known.

Then why is it remembered only by “tiptoe”?

Thinking carefully, there is no one but “tiptoe” in addition to Michael.

I think that Michael Jackson has settled the monument to take “tiptoe” in the dance, so that there is no room for other artists to enter.

I made a tiptoe with Thriller’s PV and tiptoe with Billie Jean’s PV tiptoe also in the 1983 Motown Epo 25th anniversary live.

I can say that the image of “tiptoe standing = Michael” is completely attached here.

The dance that Michael ‘s “tiptoe” stands everywhere is the live version of Billie Jean.

Michael Jackson – Billie Jean – Brunei 1996 [HQ Version 50 FPS]

The dance shoes when dancing Billie Jean, the toes are hardened, there are not two insole and so on.

In fact, if we manage a tiptoe like Michael, we will injure and be careful.

I have done it on bare feet, but I cried.


Michael’s dance still has a lot of charm!


What did you think to read it.

If you intersted in his 4 charms, I recommend to watch his other MVs, for example 「2Bad」, 「You Rock My World」etc…

When you have the opportunity to see Michael’s dance next time, please take a moment to look at this keyword.